Scientific Council of the Foundation

Since 2002 the Cardiovascular Research Foundation-Institut de France awards the “Prix Danièle Hermann”, to reward and to encourage its researchers for cardio-vascular diseases.

Since 2005 the “Prix Danièle Hermann” is awarded according to a previously defined theme by a Scientific Council, chaired by the Standing Secretary of the Academy of Science, Professor Jean-François Bach. It is composed of representative personalities from of the world of science, most of whom are members of the Academy of Science, and who are selecting the award-winner in view of files studied in the call for candidature .




  • Professor Margaret BUCKINGHAM

    Director for Research at the CNRS, Professor at the Institut Paseur

    Member of the Academy of Science

  • Professeur Pierre Corvol

    Professor Pierre CORVOL

    Full Professor, holding the chair for experimental medicine at the Collège de France

    Member of the Academy of Science

  • Professeur Michel Desnos

    Professor Michel DESNOS

    Head of the centre of the centre of cardiology

    European Hospital Georges Pompidou

  • Professor Jean-Noël Fabiani

    Head of Department, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

    Georges Pompidou Hospital

  • Professeur Francois Gros

    Professor François GROS

    Honorary Standing Secretary and Honorary Professor at the Collège de France and at the Institut Pasteur

    Member of the Academy of Science

  • Professeur Michel Haïssaguerre

    Professor Michel HAISSANGUERRE

    Head of Service of cardio-electrophysiology and cardiac stimulation, at the CHU of Bordeaux

    Member of the Academy of Science

  • Daniele Hermann

    Danièle Hermann

    President, Founder

    Cardiovascular Research Foundation-Institut de France President of the Association for Cardio-Vascular Research

  • Professor Hervé Le Marec

    Professor of Cardiology at the University of Nantes

    Director of the Institute of Thorax

  • Catherine Llorend Cortes

    Professor Catherine Llorens-Cortes

    Professor of neurobiology, Director of this department at INSERM

    Collège de France

  • Joel Ménard

    Professor Joël Ménard Michel

    Medical Doctor, professor of universities and minister for clinical research

    Assistance with the public hospitals of Paris

  • Professeur Philipe Menasche

    Professor Philippe MENASCHE

    Department for cardiovascular surgery

    European Hospital Georges Pompidou

  • Professeur Dominique Meyer

    Professor Dominique MEYER

    Medical doctor – Emeritus Professor, Université Paris XI

    Honorary member of the Institut de France, in charge of the relations between the Parliament and the Academy of Science