Research for the heart of women

Scientific Council for the Research Programme “Heart of Women”

This exceptional Scientific Council is composed of researchers and members of the Institut de France and the Academy of Science, the Collège de France, the Institut Pasteur, who are epidemiologists and pharmacologists of renown, as well as patricians and surgeons, who are operating for the greatest French cardiology centres. 

And also a Scientific Council, respecting in all aspects equality, the heart included.


Les membres du conseil scientifique Programmes de recherche Coeur de femmes

  • Professor Jean-François Arnal

    Professor at the Paul Sabatier University

    Scientific director of the research team on the modulation of the estrogen receptor at the Institute of Metabolic Diseases and Cardiovascular Vascular

  • Professeur Jean Francois Bach

    Professor Jean-François Bach

    Standing secretary of the Academy of Science

  • Professor Margaret Buckingham

    Director for Research at the CNRS – Professor at the Institut Pasteur,

    Member of the Academy of Science

  • Doctor Dominique Costagliola

    Director for Research of exceptional class at INSERM

    Director of UMR_5943 Epidemiology, therapeutical studies and clinical virology of infections at VIH

  • Professor Jean-Noël Fabiani

    Head of the Department for cardio-vascular surgery

    Hôpital Georges Pompidou

  • Doctor Pilar Galan

    Assistant-Director – Research Group for Nutritional Epidemiology

    U1153 Inserm/Inra/Cham/ Université Paris 13

  • Doctor Céline Galès


    Institute for Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases (12MC)

  • Professeur Francois Gros

    Professor François Gros

    Honorary professor at the Collège de France and at the Institut Pasteur,

    And member of the Academy of Science

  • Professor Claudine Junien

    PU-PH Genetics, UVSQ – Professor for genetics – BDR for Biology of the Development, and Reproduction UMR INRA 1198

  • Professor Bernard Levy

    Doctor in Medicine and Doctor in Science

    Responsible for the Service of Functional Exploration for the Institute for blood vessels

  • Catherine Llorend Cortes

    Professor Catherine Llorens-Cortes

    Director of the laboratory “Central Neuropeptides and hydraulic cardiovascular regulations”

    INSERM, Collège de France

  • Professor Jean-Baptiste Michel

    Director for Research at Inserm, Cardio-Vascular Medicine

  • Professor Bernard Roques

    Emeritus professor and Member of the Academy of Science (France and Europe)

    Université Paris-Descartes (Paris V)

  • Professor Alain-Jacques Valleron

    Professor in epidemiology and in biostatistics at Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, and member of the Academy of Science

    Responsible for public health at the Hôpital Saint-Antoine in Paris.